Google Trends for Botnet, DDoS & Malware

Google Trends is a tool that charts search terms used on Google over time. These are the Google search trends for Botnet, DDoS and Malware:

It’s interesting to note that searches for DDoS have been pretty much consistent since 2004, where malware searches seem to be on a constant incline. Searches for botnets are much more spikey. This is probably whenever botnets make it into mainsteam news.

And just for kicks, Russian and Chinese Hackers:

American and Iranian hackers were so small compared to these two that they didn’t even show up, so I left them off. I thought it rather odd that nothing really shows up before 2007. Also, not listed, is which region had the most searches for these terms. The winner? India. They had twice as many searches than the other regions which included the US, Canada and UK. No other regions were listed for these search terms which I thought was rather odd also…

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