A&D Cybersecurity Forum

Aviation Week is hosting an A&D Cybersecurity Forum, “Protect Your Enterprise with Secure and Resilient Information Flow”, March 31 – April 1, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Washington Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. From their website:

AVIATION WEEK’s  A&D Cybersecurity Forum will bring together executives from leading A&D companies, government agencies and security experts to share best strategies on minimizing cybersecurity risks with efficiencies in cost and operations. The Forum will consider changing dynamics of cyber-threats, transitioning from theoretical assessments to technical and practical sessions, focusing on:

  • Protection of essential data flow & intellectual property
  • Cyber threat identification, assessments and disruption prevention
  • Secure information sharing and access
  • Training and Awareness for human operability
  • Analysis and measurements of cybersecurity efficiencies
  • Global perspectives on vulnerabilities of international information enterprises

More information is available at Aviation Week.


2 thoughts on “A&D Cybersecurity Forum”

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    I hope that this helps.

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