Could India’s Cyberwar Preparedness put US at Risk?

Interesting article today on the Business-Standard. According to the article, India has surpassed China, Russia and Romania as the richest target for hackers. It would appear that they are falling behind in protecting their systems. India Security expert Vijay Mukhi states:

“Cybercrime is very sophisticated and orchestrated in a manner that can cripple our financial backbone in a day’s time. But we aren’t doing much to address the situation,” he rues.”

As America relies on India more and more and is using India for filling technical positions, especially information technology, can this put the US at risk? Shivarama Krishnan, executive director and partner, PwC states:

“If someone wants to paralyze American banks or the retail sector, India is the best target as most of the maintenance and operational processes are managed out of India. So India’s preparedness will have to be higher.”

Read the rest of the story at


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