Computer Security Tips for Small Businesses – Part 2

Continuation of “Computer Security Tips for Small Businesses – Part 1”

5. Change Server administrator passwords once in a while, especially if an employee leaves who knew the password. User passwords should be a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. These are much harder to crack. Also, do not use the same password everywhere. Some administrators will use one password for their servers and also their online accounts.

6. Have an IT company check your system for common vulnerabilities. Software like SAINT is available to check for exploits in a network system.  

7. When thinking of putting up a web server, if you are just putting up a non-confidential informational site, not tied to an internal database, it is always a good idea to have an external hosting company run it for you. This way if it is hacked, the hackers will not gain access to your internal network.  

8. One less common thing is to use online searches like Google to check for confidential information that may have been placed on a social board regarding your company. Believe it or not, disgruntled employees have placed sensitive company information on blogs before.

This is just a quick list, but hopefully it will give you some ideas in planning the security of your network.

Daniel W. Dieterle

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